Medicare Made Clear - 7 videos

Understanding Medicare Options

Retiring Soon? Know the Medicare basics. Your Medicare health coverage choices can vary based on your age and whether you have retiree coverage through your employer or plan sponsor. Find out what you need to know and the questions to ask, to help you retire with peace of mind.


1. Retirement and Medicare Basics

2. How to Understand Medicare Plans

3. Guide to Medicare Part A and Part B

4. Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans

5. Medicare Part D and Prescription Drugs

6. Learn About Medigap Plans (Supplement)

7. Top 10 Medicare Insurance Tips


Complete form below for pre-set Medicare Appointment in your home. Yes we make house calls! We will complete a Scope of Appointment so you will know exactly what will be discussed with no obligation to enroll in one of several plans we offer in your area. Some Medicare Advantage Plans have ZERO premiums with prescription drug card, vision, dental, and other benefits.


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